Sunday, January 8, 2012

One week down

Well, the first week of the year is coming to a close.

Quick recap:
Wed: Groceries and Early(ish) bedtime.
Thur: Mama and Daddy ate Chinese in bed while watching Episode 1 of the Pacific.
Fri: Tried something new for dinner...Annie's Homegrown Annie's Homegrown Totally Natural Arthur Macaroni & Cheese. The boys thought it was really good. I wasn't a huge fan (I'm really really a Blue Box girl). Maybe I'll acquire a taste for it?

Saturday was a pretty low key day, especially since the boys (ALREADY?!) have colds from starting back at daycare. We had a nice visit from Aunt Jordan and her friends, then our friends A and J came over for dinner and fun times. We had ham balls for dinner then later, A and I made Brownies Enormous, but added some crushed up Ande's mints on half. YUM! Add some vanilla frozen yogurt on top and deeelish!

Today I was busy cleaning and was very excited to do so, as I have made my very own cleaning products. While I was on Pinterest I found some DIY products for cheap. I made DIY Foaming Dish-soap and DIY 409. I didn't try the dish soap yet, as I filled up my refill bottle with it, however I used the 409. I did learn a little goes a long ways, (the counters were very soapy for a while) but it smelled nice and did a great job, even in the shower. It's nice knowing that I know EXACTLY what is in the product (ok, I guess I don't really know what Borax is but I know that I put it in there, rather than a bunch of chemicals that I can't pronounce) and while it may have been slightly more expensive buying everything to make it (We're talking like $8, including the spray bottles and a GIANT bottle of vinegar)  I have a TON of left over of everything so I'll be able to make a lot more, plus other things (Window cleaner, laundry detergent, ice's amazing the things you can make withe a few cheap ingredients!).

After that was done, Daddy and E went to spend some time together. Spenny and I cleaned out some stuff from the garage, played some soccer and drank some cocoa.
  (Yes, he's in his pajama pants still lol)

After dinner E and I spent some time together being cheesy...

After dinner, we did baths and mommy decided to clean the lint trap screen on the dryer (it needed it!) and now it's WAY past bed time, so I am going to get those two down and go to bed myself.

Have a good week!

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