Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And it begins...

Today was the first day back to daycare aka "school" for the boys.

Daddy left for Iowa City early this morning so it was just us, and even though I overslept, we made it to daycare at a reasonable time.

First, some pictures of their "We're so cute, come on lets go!" faces:

Spencer did great, I don't even think he cared once we were there, all he did was yell "BYE!" and that was it. He got to see some of his old friends, which was nice, they were all talking and playing. The recap I got was that he played Wolverine, dinosaurs, and colored. He was excited to see his friends, but was disappointed that his friend H wasn't there.

E had a tough time...he cried, I cried, but when I called about an hour in, they said shortly after I left, he was calm and back to normal. He had an overall good day, however all he had for lunch was a banana. He did, however, eat 3 huge bowls of spaghetti tonight and a gingersnap for dessert.

Work was super busy today and Daddy had a long day so we're headed to bed shortly. I have to be there at 7 am tomorrow, so Daddy will get the drop off, I'm sure it'll be much smoother for him than me!

Have a good night!

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