Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We were pretty lazy on Sunday, The most that we did was Spenny got a hair cut...



Haircuts in the past have been a challenge, but recently he has decided that it is ok to get your hair cut, as long as you get a toy at the end. Sunday's score was a 10 pack of Heros that are now scattered about the house.

For dinner we made some bbq pork that had been cooking in the crock pot all day, followed by some homemade potato salad. It was my first try at that, but it turned out delish.  I also made some egg salad for J to enjoy as well, and Emerson actually ate an egg salad sandwich as well!

Mama also made some changes to herself...

First, I did my pin of the week, a honey-brown sugar facial scrub, which s why my face s so red. It was nice, but today my face is dry as heck.  Please note, I did not intend on my shirt matching the wall, it just happened and I wasn't about to change it. I also have a hard time taking self portraits which is why my face always looks like this:

What do you think? (besides I need to clear the mirror...)

Spencer's verdict was that my hair is very "Brown" and "beautiful".

Yesterday morning we had a surprise, my car wouldn't start and it is now at the dealership getting looked at. It's likely an alternator issue, so hooray for that. Gotta love unexpected car repairs, but hopefully it'll be taken care of.  We are blessed to be able to have family near by that was able to rescue me and the boys from the side of the road as well as loan us a vehicle for a couple of days while we figure out my car.

Other than that, it's life as normal around here. 

Headed to bed, so good night!

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