Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Dr Visit

Well, we made it 11 days into the new year without a dr visit. Both boys were up multiple times last night, Spenny for his coughing and Emerson because...well, just because really.

We couldn't get in to the ped's office and I didn't want to wait until tomorrow, so I swung by Urgent Care on the way home. After a long wait where we entertained ourselves by being silly, we met with the dr who prescribed some amoxicillin for each boy, Spenny has a sinus infection brewing and Emerson has a double ear infection. We spent a pretty low key evening, as evidenced below. Boys are both in bed and I'm headed there now. Night!

Waiting isn't much fun...but we can be Pirates and Power Rangers :)

Yeah, don't judge. we still have our Christmas tree up...but look, there's still presents under it! 
Ok, MOSTLY a low key evening...Viktard and Lola battled.

Daddy played games

Emerson lounged while watching CareBears (his choice, not mine!)
 Wait, you're taking pictures? Never mind then, I'll be cute!
 And, last but not least...
Emerson's first self portrait


  1. Ha ha ha!!!! I cannot even stop laughing about the Viktard and Lola battle pic!!! Totally caught me off guard!!! I seriously am laughing sitting here by myself. It's okay, we watched a Care Bears movie here. ;) And who are those presents for? Hope the boys are getting better. Hooray winter!

  2. Dude, we are all over the Carebears right now...Better than Power Rangers and Iron Man tho! And those are Kenleigh's presents, I actually JUST put them in a box so that way we can send them on Monday. I do technically have 2 Christmas's left, so its ok that the tree is still up, right? lol