Sunday, January 19, 2014

Spending Strike 15-19 and a new obsession

Yeah yeah...I know. I should be doing this daily since but sometimes life just gets in the way. I did start to blog on Thursday night during a slow moment but it got busy and that was that.

Wednesday I went from work to the hospital to meet a dear friend's little baby girl. Macy is  for ADORABLE and slept the whole time, hardly made any noise until she thought it was time to eat. I left the hospital at 7 and since J and the kids had already eaten, I thought long and hard about stopping at a fast food place on the way home ($5). I called my mom and that distracted myself enough that I got home, at some pancakes that J had made and then was good to go.

Thursday was TOUGH. Someone had FRENCH FRIES ($3 for an order). They smelled SO good I couldn't get  my mind off of them and I knew that my soup wasn't going to cut it. I ended up avoiding it, however, and had a slim fast that I had stashed in the fridge last week and made it through. On the way to my car in the ramp I got invited to the Jason Aldean concert and was thisclose to saying YES!!! but decided that it just wasn't the night for it. I came home and ate something (I think it was a salad but I honestly don't remember) watched some TV with J and went to bed.

Friday was my early day so I had to be at work at 7 am. This was after coming home late from the night before (left work late then the roads were terrible due to our surprise blizzard/snow squall). I got up earlier than normal to make sure I could make it to work on time. While I skipped the Thai order ($10) I did have a piece of pizza (using my gift card!). After work, J went to hang out with some friends up in Ames so the kids and I hung out. We had to go to Target to get some essentials (Speaking of...I use the CartWheel ap and the RedCard--I was not one that was hacked oddly enough since I shop there all the time--and actually save myself quite a bit of money. I make my list of things that we need and then search for the things on the cartwheel. Sometimes it's only 5% off an item, but then you get another 5% with the RedCard which adds up. Since I've started using the Cartwheel I've saved over $50 and I'm not exactly sure on the RedCard because it doesn't show up on my receipt anymore but I would guess that it's somewhere around $20. Every little bit adds up, for sure!)  While I was there, I had to REALLY talk myself out of a couple sweaters. They were on the 70% off rack and in colors I don't have. One was a nice purple color (which even looks good on me!) for $6 and then other was a sweatshirt cardigan thing that would look super cute with some leggings or even jeans ($6). I even went so far as to see if they were on the cartwheel, hoping it would make them less than $5 each, but no such luck. I ended up walking away from them and calling it good. We then ran to Fareway and grabbed a roast. I was only asked about 3 times if we could stop for fast food and I'm not going to lie, I was tempted, but I told the kids they could pick out something and we ended up with lunchables for dinner. ($15 saved!). I did, however, cave when J called to say that he was going with his friends to Village Inn to play cards after the store closed. I demanded asked him to bring me home a piece of pie ($3) because I really needed a pick me up of sorts and that usually fits the bill.

Yesterday I didn't even leave the house. We had lunch plans but those fell through, which ended up being ok because I was exhausted and ended up taking a nap when the company would have been here. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, frozen pizza for lunch and then for dinner, Pepsi Roast. Since I had these ideas all on the menu it wasn't a big deal and easy to stick to. I even went so far as to declutter part of the kitchen and make the menu/grocery list for next week. J spent the afternoon organizing his cards and ended up getting rid of a bunch of them that aren't of any value and he doesn't need/want/use anymore. I listed some things on the local swap site and have a couple "bites" of people who are interested so we'll see if anything pans out.

Here's the totals:
Money Spent: $3
Money Saved: $45
Total Spent: $75
Total Saved: $326.50

I've also been addicted to reading a blog that I came across, A Slob Comes Clean  and I'm starting to implement some of her ideas. One of them is making sure the dishes are done every night. Another is the 5 minute pick up. I also make myself do something...anything...before I can read it. So far I've cleaned off my dryer, returned trash cans/recycle bins where they belong, went through the boys' overflow clothes bin and sorted into donate, handmedowns, put up for next year etc. As I've been putting away Christmas decorations, I've been organizing the storage room a bit. Each time I go to a different room/floor, I take something that belongs there so it's not out of place. Small changes that may or may not seem to make a different now, but hopefully become a habit and make a difference in the long run.

With all that being said, I am going to do what I originally logged on here to do and that it to look up my sewing machine manual so I can get the bobbin/thread like it's supposed to be to sew up the Lola bed per E's request.

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