Wednesday, January 1, 2014


2013 was a tough year, physically, financially and (as a cause of the first two) somewhat emotionally.

We made it through. We're happy, stronger and doing ok but definitely looking forward to a better 2014.

Couple things I'm hoping to work on this year is getting myself healthier. First step to that is starting a lemon water "cleanse". I put cleanse in quotations because I'm not sure I believe that by drinking a warm glass of lemon water every morning is really gong to act as a cleanse, but it's a healthy habit. Gets in some vitamins and a glass of water to start to day off on the right foot if nothing else. If it does, in fact, have other health benefits so be it. I'm also hoping that this will eventually break my Monster habit addiction, but no promises there.

I'm also continuing my decluttering efforts. Today I took a bag of things to my in laws (shirt that didn't work for me and I couldn't return, leftover containers from Christmas etc) and got rid of some kitchen utensils that were ruined (cracked wooden spoon, broken salad tongs). Broke down boxes for recycling. Over the weekend I took everything out of the cupboards and inventoried the pantry/tossed expired food. Avoided buying a new tote to put baking goods in by finding an almost empty one in the basement.

We're also joining in on the Spending Strike that is taking over the Blogosphere. We are always tight in December/January where the overspending from the holidays collides with the end of J's salary and this year is no different. We did better, much Bette actually, throughout the year on spending in some ways but buying a new car, medical expenses and the like took their toll. Our goal is to cut out excess spending and only buying necessities. This means I won't be ordering Thai on Fridays (sob!) this month or grabbing chai out donuts for breakfast.  I am still spending a gift certificate I got for lunches at my favorite local pizza place, but other than that, no eating out for lunches. I have yogurt, oatmeal, cheese sticks and the like for breakfast. I'll buy my Monster at Wal-Mart where it is half the price of the gas station. No vending machine purchases or clearance racks. When I do have to buy something, we have to need it. Groceries. Gas. Snow boots (Emerson hit a growth spurt. His boots don't fit at all anymore. Mine have a crack).  Date night will be spent at home, watching breaking bad and eating something we make instead of grabbing take out.  I will, however, let myself spend any money I make on the garage sale sites or from my crafts.

Money spent today: $3 (we got invited to dinner at the in laws, we picked up drinks on the way)
Money saved: $50 (we normally go to a movie on NY day as a family, we stayed home today)
Total spent: $3
Total saved: $50

My plan is with the money we save to put half in savings and the other half go towards miscellaneous registration, medical bills, new computer fund.

What are your new years resolutions/goals? Would you consider a spending strike for you and your family?

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