Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 3

Spending Strike day three was a little more difficult for several reasons:
1. Pay Day. Always seems to be more temptations when there is the most amount of money available in your account.
2. Thai Day. There's a group of us that always orders Thai on Fridays which sets me back around $10 after delivery fee and tip.
3. It was COLD again. Which means I wanted more warm beverages from the sky walk coffee joint I usually go to.  ($3.50)
4. Friday nights we always get some sort of take out on the way home. It might be from a fast food company. It might be pizza or chicken. Sometimes it's Chinese. (If we're all eating at home, anywhere from $15-30, depending on where we order from).
5. We watch a new movie while eating our takeout ($10-15)
6. To add yet ANOTHER challenge to our plate, J's mom took the kids unexpectedly. Whenever we don't have the kids we take that time to go out to eat and maybe even have a couple beers, usually at Old Chicago ($35-40 including drinks and tips).

We successfully avoided almost all of the above.

Due to a minor mis-communication, I ended up ordering Casey's pizza ($12). (We were discussing frozen pizza over the phone--what to get, what kind, from where--and he ended up saying something about Caseys. I thought he meant ORDER Casey's pizza but what he said was that Casey's has frozen pizza...whoops...although I'm sure with gas station prices I only paid another $5 more than I would have).  I also ended up making a quick run to HyVee because it's close and I had a coupon for Kraft Mac N Cheese that was expiring soon and we were out of juice which we would both want in the morning. While I was there I also picked up some Capri Suns (Spencer takes them to lunch) and some ice cream ($3) that should last us another week or so.

(PS: We didn't end up getting any movies, we just watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad and hung out and spent time with each other. I even turned my phone off for a portion of the evening so it really was just facebook/instagram/pinterest...just us).

I also had to get gas and J bought E some snow boots but we consider those necessities are are not counting them towards our total. I usually only need gas about once every 2 weeks or so and I didn't NEED it need it yet (I still had just under 1/4 tank) but with the arctic temps ahead, I decided to get it when it was only 25 degrees instead of -40 windchill like they are predicting for Monday when I would have NEEDED it.

With all this being said, yesterday's totals:

Money Spent: $15
Money Saved: $43.50
Total Spent: $18
Total Saved: $108ish

$108 dollars in 3 days folks. Even with spending some on Pizza and Ice cream, I still call this a win.

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