Monday, January 6, 2014


Ok, I didn't fall off the bandwagon, just was busy :)

Saturday we mostly stayed at him, baked some cookies, got some stuff done around the house...laundry, dishes, getting rid of junk, freezer organization, getting stuff ready to post on the Facebook sites etc.

We did spend some money, but it was on my snow boots, which we discussed as a necessity. They were on sale though so at least I saved some. I figure the savings on the other things made them pay for themselves. I did, however, avoid all the Christmas clearance and bulk candy.

Money spent: $46
Money saved:  $5-10 (I usually buy candy and have a terrible time with Christmas clearance)
Total spent: $63
Total saved: $120 (rounding)

Sunday J and Spencer went to Ames but before they left we had lunch together (normally E and I will grab Jimmy John's for $10 and J and Spenny hit a drive through for close to the same.) Emerson and I went and got his hair cut (preplanned) and then bought groceries to finish up the week's menu. We stayed on task with the only extra spending being a pack of gum ($1). I had Christians clearance items in my cart but realized I would never use the things they were and put back the items (5-6 various things, $10 worth).

Money spent: $1
Money saved: $30
Total spent: $64
Total saved: $150

Today it was freezing. Went to work, had soup for lunch, no vending snacks or soda. No real temptation because I left my card at my desk and had no change.  I did see some frames at the card store and stopped to look but then quickly walked away without even checking prices. Dinner made at home tonight(scalloped taters and sausage) instead of take out ($25 saved, when it's this cold we get Chinese and eat at home).

Money spent: $0
Money saved $25
Total spent: $64
Total saved: $175.

I'm feeling pretty good about this. Even with including my boots in spending, were still doing a lot better we would have. While I'm bummed that I won't be able to put this all in savings, I'm happy that we're at least getting a chunk saved up.

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