Wednesday, January 8, 2014

7, 8 shut the gate...

Yesterday was a standard run of the mill day. I did eat lunch out but out was on a gift card. I did spend 75 cents on a soda, but that was in my change cup so didn't count ;).

Today was a struggle. J had plans with a friend (spending some but it's out of his cash stash and will likely be less than $20). Whenever he is gone for dinner it makes me want to pick up dinner ($15ish). I overcame it though and we had leftovers.  

I've started noticing changes in the way I I overheard a co-worker say something about going to the mall and spending $100 on some jeans and make up. This same co-worker was telling me the other day that they were broke. As in barely making it from paycheck to paycheck broke. I thought to myself just think if that $100 had been applied to bills, savings, fixing up the house...granted, I would never spend that on make up but I do love myself some good deals so I get the "need" to spend but the fact that I am recognizing the fact that I'm overspending. The fact that I was able to transfer $100 in to my savings today and not be nervous with coming close to the limit next pay day. The fact that I don't have stuff to spend money on things just to have things. I'm slowly unsubscribing from the different sale I really need 25+ emails a day advertising things I don't need?

Since I'm lazy I'm doing totals together :

Money spent: $0
Money saved: $15
Total spent: $64
Total saved: $190

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