Saturday, February 25, 2012


Last weekend we had meatloaf, which I love. I wanted some loaded mashed potatoes, but since I'm trying to be healthier, I looked for an alternative side. One thing I saw come up over and over again was Mashed Cauliflower. I don't really mind cauliflower, but not something I usually buy, but thought I might as well try it, worst case scenario, I still had potatoes on hand and could always make them.

I didn't really follow a receipe in particular so much as just read several and decide to go with it.

I used:
1 bag frozen Cauliflower (I think it was a 16 oz bag...just the normal size)
About 2 oz of cream cheese
A big scoop of sour cream (T, I would guess it was about 2 tablespoons, give or take ;))
Shredded cheese

I boiled the cauliflower in water, drained it and then dumped it straight into my food processor. Blended  until mostly smooth. Added in the cream cheese and sour cream and blended until they looked like mashed potatoes. Poured into a pan (I have one that's bigger than an 8x8 but not quite a 9x10. I looked on the bottom, it doesn't say what size it is, but it fit in there nicely, I'm sure an 8x8 would likely work as well and topped with cheese. I snuck a taste first though, to see if it was good and it was yummy!

I then covered in foil put in the fridge so I just had to toss it in later that day. I took it out as I was starting to prepare the meatloaf (I had a pan explode once in the oven...don't wanna clean that up again!) and just baked until heated, taking the foil off about 10 minutes before the meatloaf was done to make sure  the cheese was all melty and sorta browned. They were yummy! E inhaled them and Spenny decided he doesn't like mashed potatoes. Or meatloaf. (Go figure!) J liked them and so did I. They were also good as leftovers.

This week I also made Shepard's Pie. I used a jar of deer meat for the beef, boiled up some mixed veggies (added extra peas, YUM) and tossed it with some brown gravy (I took the easy way out and used the packaged kind, which is super easy to make). I then poured it in a pan and covered with mashed potatoes (I've recently been buying these. I know, it's cheating, but they are SO good and easy when you're using them for stuff like this or to feed the kids).

It was SO good, and no where near as salty as it was when I used the Dinty Moore stuff a few weeks ago when I tried it for the first time.  Thanks, Grandma for the ideas! I'm done blogging for the day, gonna go spend some time with the little boys and maybe go find something fun to do...there's a craft show going on at the State Fair grounds, can't wait to go!

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